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Play Therapy: Speaking Your Child's Language

In this video, Erica Gregory, Clinical Director of JCAC, talks about what play therapy is, how it works, and what to expect from a play therapist. Play therapy is a form of counseling for children. The counselor isn’t “just playing” with the child, rather than walking them through Therapeutic play. In this video, Erica explains why play therapists use play as a form of therapy, and the benefits for your child. What can you expect from a play therapist at JCAC? Erica explains what the first 4 play therapy sessions look like. She also walks you through confidentiality and play therapy between counselor to parent, as well as treatment plans, goals, and parent support at home....

Play Therapy Frequently Asked Questions by Leah Rydel, JCAC Counselor


Have you considered Play Therapy for your child? Counselor, Leah Rydel answers FAQs parents have about starting Play Therapy.

Leah has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is currently awaiting approval of her Associate Professional Counseling (APC) license in Georgia. Leah is also working towards her Registered Play Therapist (RPT) license which involves special supervision and extensive trainings in play therapy!

Q: What is Play Therapy and is it right for my child?

A: Play Therapy is a model of therapy centered on the idea that play is the language of children. In play therapy, your child will develop skills related to building self-esteem and positive self-reg...

No Cost Boot Camp 4 Divorcing Women: Empowering Women With Knowledge

In this video, Erica Gregory, Clinical Director and Owner of JCAC, talks about how JCAC participates in a No Cost Boot Camp for Divorcing Women. Erica's role is the counselor and this team gives no cost information to women going through a divorce or may go through a divorce in the near future, in order to support, empower, and provide needed information to go through this process successfully. In this video, Erica explains the rolls of each team member - the Counselor, Lawyer, Private Investigator, and Financial Advisor.

To register at no cost or for additional questions: Please call Debbie Dorman (770) 377-4941

Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling (#JCAC) is a warm and family orientated ...

Helping The Whole Child: JCAC Partnership with Teachers As Tutors

In this video, Lori Spencer, Owner of Teachers as Tutors, talks about her partnership with Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling. Lori started Teachers as Tutors to help children in an academic way, while JCAC helps the child behaviorally. Counseling + Tutoring = Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child. The tutors at Teachers as Tutors are all certified teachers with classroom experience, so they know what children go through during the school day. They serve special education students and regular education students, Pre-K through 12th grade, covering all subjects. They also offer special education teachers with many years of experience writing IEP's and running IEP's meetings in schools to ad...

How Depression In Children Looks Different Than Adults

In this video, Erica explains what depression looks like in children. Depression in children looks different than depression in adults. Erica describes what that looks like, provides warning signs for parents to look out for, and gives tips on how you can support your child or teen at home. In this video, Erica also discusses how depression affects school and what medical depression vs. situational depression looks like in children.

Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling (#JCAC) is a warm and family orientated counseling practice in Alpharetta, Ga. We offer online counseling services in the states of Georgia and Florida. We offer in-office counseling service at our Alpharetta office which is...

Missing Family During The Holidays

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Missing Family During The Holiday

The holidays is a wonderful time of the year when family and friends, are able to get together and share moments. However, due to the pandemic, some individuals can't participate in seeing their loves ones due to the fear of exposing their family to the virus. The virus being a major obstacle for some families, is not the only obstacle. There are other obstacles such as family members being separated due to military deployments, passing, distance, financial, and even the lack of a support system due to personal beliefs and de...

How To Find A Therapist

How To Find A Therapist

By: Chloe Gabrielle Harper, Clinical Intern at JCAC


A question that is pretty common is “How Do I Find A Therapist?”. You are sitting in your bed and you realize that it is time to make a change, so you talk to your friend and he or she tells you maybe you need a therapist. You do a wild google search and words come up like “mental health counselor”, “clinical counselor”, “mental health technician”, “telehealth mental professional”, “psychiatrist”, and “psychologist”, and the list continues! You have asked you, friends, you have gone through 8 pages of google sites, and side links; a...

How To Teach Your Child Mindfulness


How To Teach Your Child Mindfulness

By: Chloe Harper

Mindfulness is something that everyone should learn how to do, no matter the age. Mindfulness is a tool that can allow any individual to regulate their own internal functioning and emotions. That sounds practical for an adult to learn, but what about a child? A lot of parents ask what can mindfulness do for their child. David Gelles writes in the New York times about the benefits of mindfulness for children; the simplest practices help a child to learn how to be gentle, accepting, reducing anxiety, increasing happiness, and creating early habits.

When to begin?

Parents can begin as early as infancy when teaching mindfulness to their bab...

Motherhood and Postpartum During The COVID Crisis

Motherhood and Postpartum During The COVID Crisis

by Chloe Gabrielle Harper, Clinical Intern at JCAC

The United States has seen the most socially changing event, that has shaken the very core of all American's; the COVID epidemic. The epidemic has caused the isolation of many individuals and the halting of every social activity. With the new way of life, the way we socialize and interact in the world has vastly changed. As a result, we have incorporated different ways to not only keep us safe but to also find ways to socialize virtually. However, among the groups of individuals that have been affected by the epidemic, the most overlooked ones are the mothers that are suffering from postpartu...

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