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You Are Worth Tomorrow | How To Prevent Suicide & Protect The Ones You Love

You Are Worth Tomorrow | How To Prevent Suicide & Protect The Ones You Love

Suicide can be a tough topic to talk about. The word alone seems to be spoken about in whispers or brings up fear for many people. The more we're able to create an open dialogue surrounding suicide, the more we can help prevent suicide.

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Counselor Reaction To Death of Naomi Judd | Learn The Warning Signs Of Depression

In this video, JCAC Counselor, Ginny Vose, talks about the tragic death of Naomi Judd. She lists off several signs of depression such as mood swings, loss of interest, and more. We need to end the stigma around mental health. Just as there is no shame in seeking help for your body, there is no shame in seeking help for your mind. Ginny provides resources if you need to reach out for help, or if you have a loved one you know needs help.

If you are feeling that you might harm yourself, please call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text “HOME” to 741741

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WHAT Is SELF-HARM and HOW to SUPPORT a Loved One | Insights From A Counselor

In this video, Erica discusses what self-harm is, why people self-harm, and helpful tools to support a person who may be participating in this behavior or having thoughts of hurting themselves. Erica explains why teens cut, and how to show empathy and compassion when someone is self harming in helping a loved one suffering with overwhelming emotional pain and finding a healthy alternative to self-harm.

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How To Talk To Someone About Suicide

In this video, Erica gives advice on how to talk to a loved one who you fear is suicidal, and how to give support if you find out your concern is correct. She discusses three major warning signs that an individual needs in order to cross the threshold to truly attempt suicide. Erica also explains why connecting with a suicidal loved one is so important, as well as how to truly connect with them. In this video you will also be provided with good questions to ask to get the answers you need. Check out the resources below to get the support you need to help your loved one.

Mental Health Support and Advocacy www.NAMI.Org

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention https://afsp.org

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How To Find A Therapist

How To Find A Therapist

By: Chloe Gabrielle Harper, Clinical Intern at JCAC


A question that is pretty common is “How Do I Find A Therapist?”. You are sitting in your bed and you realize that it is time to make a change, so you talk to your friend and he or she tells you maybe you need a therapist. You do a wild google search and words come up like “mental health counselor”, “clinical counselor”, “mental health technician”, “telehealth mental professional”, “psychiatrist”, and “psychologist”, and the list continues! You have asked you, friends, you have gone through 8 pages of google sites, and side links; a...

Why The Increase In Suicides?


The news of Anthony Bourdain's death greeted us all this morning when we woke. There is scientific data supporting a phenomenon called "suicide contagion"; the number of suicides dramatically rises soon after a celebrity's death by suicide hits the front page. The tragic deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Robin Williams were cited in the articles. Making this decision isn't always rooted in mental illness, other factors include relationship and economic issues, physical chronic pain, a history of trauma or abuse, and the recent loss of a loved one. With the death of Kate Spade earlier this week and now Anthony Bourdain today, it is important that we are all aware of some common behaviors of people...

Mental Illness Knows No Bounds

The death of Kate Spade earlier this week shocked us all. She had it all, some might say; money, fame, family. Yet, mental illness knows no bounds; ethnicity, race, religion, gender, economic status and political stance mean nothing to mental illness. Mental illness shatters dreams, breaks apart families and brings careers to a screeching halt. It is a silent struggle, making it difficult to know if someone around you is in pain or is suffering. Help us bring more awareness to the impact of mental illness on individuals and families. Let's do our part to spread the word that asking for help is okay, that resources are available and that counseling and treatment can help. It is imperative tha...