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Tech-Savvy Parenting: Ensuring Your Child's Online Safety | JCACounseling Podcast Short

As parents, navigating the digital landscape with our children can be daunting. In this insightful JCAC podcast short, counselors Erica Gregory, LMFT, and Ginny Vose, APC, offer invaluable guidance on setting boundaries and ensuring online safety for your children.

PARENTS: How To Keep Your Children Safe On Technology | JCACounseling Podcast Shorts

Boundaries, Safety, & Technology Oh My!

The battle all parents face is how to establish boundaries with technology and keep their children safe online. Gregory and Vose delve into practical strategies and essential tips for navigating this complex terrain.

Screen Time Education for Children

Understanding the impact of screen time is crucial. This se...


Recognizing the Need: Counseling for Your Teen | JCACounseling Podcast Short

As a parent, it's natural to worry when your teen's behavior changes. But how do you know if they need counseling? In this insightful JCAC podcast short, Ginny Vose, APC, and Erica Gregory, LMFT, discuss the signs that indicate it might be time to seek professional help for your child. They explore the impact of significant life changes such as divorce, moving, and mental health concerns, offering guidance for parents who are unsure about the next steps.

Is It Time To Take My Child or Teen to Counseling? | JCAC Podcast Shorts

Key Indicators for Counseling:

Changes in Behavior, Mood, and Personality: Sudden or drastic changes in your child's behavior, mood, or personality can be a red flag. T...


Transforming Teen Tantrums | JCACounseling Podcast Short

In this insightful JCAC podcast episode, Ginny Vose, APC, and Erica Gregory, LMFT, delve into the challenges of managing temper tantrums in teenagers. They explore the similarities between tantrums in young children and adolescents, offering valuable strategies for parents to support their teens through dysregulated moments using Co-Regulation.

How To Manage TEEN Temper Tantrums | JCAC Podcast Short

Understanding Teen Tantrums:

Teenage tantrums can be as challenging as those experienced during early childhood but manifest differently due to adolescent development and emotional complexities. Recognizing these behaviors is crucial for effective support.

Key Insights from the Podcast:

Staying Calm...


Unpacking Perfectionism: How Performance-Based Identity Shapes Our Children | JCACounseling Podcast Short

What happens when everything changes? In a recent short clip from the JCAC podcast, the hosts delve into the concept of performance-based identity and its connection to perfectionism. By exploring the building blocks of a strong identity—how we see ourselves and what we do—we can understand how to foster healthy growth in our children.

The Root Of Perfectionism: Performance Based Identity | JCAC Podcast Short

Understanding Performance-Based Identity:

Performance-based identity is when an individual's self-worth is tied to their achievements and performance in various activities. The podcast highlights how children often develop this mindset when they receive praise and validation ...


The Transformative Power of Play Therapy: Enhancing Emotional and Cognitive Growth at JCAC | JCACounseling Podcast Short

How do our actions as parents or caregivers play an important role in shaping our children's brain and mind development? Enter the transformative realm of play therapy, where intrinsic linking helps with emotion regulation. In a recent short clip from the JCAC podcast, the hosts explore how this dynamic approach fosters resilience and adds a playful dimension to emotional and cognitive growth.

Learning to Regulate: Play Therapy at JCAC | Podcast Short

The Importance of Play Therapy:

Play therapy is a powerful tool that leverages the natural way children learn and express themselves—through play. The hosts explain that play therapy creates a safe and nurturing environment where children c...


Helping Your Teen Challenge Perfectionism | JCACounseling Podcast Short

As parents, we strive to support our children in becoming the best versions of themselves. We invest time and energy into their education, extracurricular activities, and overall development. However, one critical aspect that can significantly impact their success is often overlooked: their mental health. In a recent short clip from the JCACounseling Podcast, Erica shares invaluable insights on how perfectionism affects a child’s academic performance and what parents can do to help their teens challenge this mindset.

How to Help Your Teen Challenge PERFECTIONISM | JCACounseling Podcast Short

Understanding Perfectionism:

Perfectionism can be a double-edged sword for teens. While it might ...


Enhancing Your Child’s Academic Success: The Crucial Role of Emotional Health | JCACounseling Podcast

As parents, we all want to see our children succeed and reach their full potential. We often focus on the schools they attend, the subjects they take, and the extracurricular activities they participate in. However, one crucial aspect that can significantly impact a child's academic performance is often overlooked: their mental health.

In a recent webinar with North Fulton Science Academy, Erica delves into the profound connection between emotional health and academic success. She outlines four key components to both emotional and academic triumph: performance-based identity, emotional regulation, anxiety, and perfectionism. Erica also emphasizes the critical role parents play in supporting t...


Mindful Motherhood: Prioritizing Mental Health for Stay-at-Home Moms


What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment without judgment, a valauble tool for stay-at-home moms facing the challenges of motherhood.

Understanding Mindfulness in Motherhood

Mindfulness helps mothers navigate day-to-day chaos with calmness. It fosters a meaningful connections with their children. By being present in the moment, you're able to build memories, but also reduce overwhelming yourself by allowing yourself as mom to focus on one task at a time. Overall, mindfulness helps relieve stress, provide mental clarity, and promote self-compassion, all contributing to the wellbeing of stay-at-home moms in their fulfilling journey of raising ther...


Guided Imagery To Decrease School Anxiety | Counselor Led Anxiety Reduction Tool

Guided Imagery To Decrease School Anxiety | Counselor Led Anxiety Reduction Tool

JCAC Counselor, Erica Gregory, guides you through a guided imagery to help you calm anxiety around school. Whether it's about going back to school, facing a hard test, or anything you may be dreading, this video can help you take back control of your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to feel more empowered and confident as you face something hard.

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What Is Parent Coaching? FAQs Answered by a JCAC Counselor


What are parent coaching sessions?

Parent coaching sessions are focused on learning better ways to help your child manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, but they also help parents better communicate with their child. Parent coaching sessions typically consist of 4 parts: 1) Considering and adjusting your current perspective, 2) Reconnecting with your child, 3) Learning new parenting strategies and techniques to try, and 4) Practicing and continuing those new strategies in daily life.

What are some things that I will learn in a parent coaching session?

During a parent coaching session, we go over: using proactive and preventative techniques; seeing what life is like through the eyes...