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Enhancing Your Child’s Academic Success: The Crucial Role of Emotional Health | JCACounseling Podcast

As parents, we all want to see our children succeed and reach their full potential. We often focus on the schools they attend, the subjects they take, and the extracurricular activities they participate in. However, one crucial aspect that can significantly impact a child's academic performance is often overlooked: their mental health.

In a recent webinar with North Fulton Science Academy, Erica delves into the profound connection between emotional health and academic success. She outlines four key components to both emotional and academic triumph: performance-based identity, emotional regulation, anxiety, and perfectionism. Erica also emphasizes the critical role parents play in supporting t...


Conquering Impostor Syndrome: Finding Your Purpose as a Counselor | JCACounseling Podcast Short

Impostor syndrome can be a challenging hurdle for counselors to overcome. In this short clip from the podcast, the hosts discuss how knowing your "why" can serve as a powerful tool for challenging impostor syndrome and staying grounded in your work with clients.

Click on the following link to watch this podcast short: https://youtu.be/bVHAEixocQ0


About This Podcast Short

Understanding Impostor Syndrome:

Impostor syndrome is a common experience among counselors, where feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy can undermine confidence and competence. The clip acknowledges that the impostor voice can be overwhelming, but it offers a mindset shift to combat these feelings.

The Power of Knowing Your "Wh...


Exploring Counseling: Is It Right for You? | JCACounseling Podcast Short

Are you considering a career in counseling but unsure if it's the right fit for you? In this short clip from the Healing Through Connection Podcast, the hosts delve into what it truly means to be a counselor, answering common questions like "Do I want to become a counselor?" and "What does the work week look like as a counselor?"

Click on the following link to watch the podcast short: https://youtu.be/NMcZmeB4q6c


About This Podcast Short

Understanding Counseling:

The episode begins by addressing the fundamental question: "Do I want to become a counselor?" The hosts discuss the intrinsic motivations behind pursuing a career in counseling and the qualities that make someone well-suited for this...


Unveiling Your Counseling Path: Discovering Your Niche | JCACounseling Podcast Short

In this short clip from the JCACounseling Healing Through Connection Podcast, hosts Erica, Hannah, and Myah delve into the essential process of discovering your niche as a counselor. They unpack the crucial steps involved in identifying the right population, niche, and theory models that resonate with you as a counselor.

Click on the following link to view this podcast short: https://youtu.be/60NGRFr3_4E


About This Podcast Short

Exploring Your Niche:

During the episode, Erica, Hannah, and Myah emphasize the importance of discovering who you are becoming as a counselor. This journey begins with asking the right questions and exploring various areas within the counseling field. They discuss the ...