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Helping The Whole Child: JCAC Partnership with Teachers As Tutors

In this video, Lori Spencer, Owner of Teachers as Tutors, talks about her partnership with Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling. Lori started Teachers as Tutors to help children in an academic way, while JCAC helps the child behaviorally. Counseling + Tutoring = Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child. The tutors at Teachers as Tutors are all certified teachers with classroom experience, so they know what children go through during the school day. They serve special education students and regular education students, Pre-K through 12th grade, covering all subjects. They also offer special education teachers with many years of experience writing IEP's and running IEP's meetings in schools to ad...

How To Find A Therapist

How To Find A Therapist

By: Chloe Gabrielle Harper, Clinical Intern at JCAC


A question that is pretty common is “How Do I Find A Therapist?”. You are sitting in your bed and you realize that it is time to make a change, so you talk to your friend and he or she tells you maybe you need a therapist. You do a wild google search and words come up like “mental health counselor”, “clinical counselor”, “mental health technician”, “telehealth mental professional”, “psychiatrist”, and “psychologist”, and the list continues! You have asked you, friends, you have gone through 8 pages of google sites, and side links; a...

A Loving Message to Our Teachers

The Back to School Teacher Droop

By Ginny Vose, MA, MeD

Certifed Teacher & Counselor with JCAC

Every year, without fail, while I was teaching, I would start the year with the back to school droop. On Monday morning, I would go to school so energized and ready to go. After teaching the rules and how to successfully navigate my classroom, I would go home and instantly fall asleep within minutes of walking through the door. Getting up Tuesday was harder and by Friday, I had lost my happy attitude because I was so tired. Going back to work after two months off was exhausting, so I can only imagine what this past week has been like after being at home since March. Additionally, this year, you have ...

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