Employment at JCAC


At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling (JCAC) we offer specialized counseling services from highly trained therapists. Our team is a connected community of counselors; we support each other as we serve the community. We strive to create a work culture that supports each member of the team such that we can offer the best of ourselves to our clients. We offer 1099 contractor positions with a competitive fee split, which means you do you your own taxes, manage your own schedule (freedom), and you do not have any overhead (such as rent). We offer these positions to interns, license eligible, associate licensed, and fully licensed counselors.


JCAC is a caring Community of counselors that Supports each other as we Serve our clients to help them heal & Grow.


- Adult rooms with a warm and cozy feel

- Fully stocked play rooms for play therapists

- In-office counseling equipped with everything you will need

- Online counseling services on a HIPAA approved JCAC office forum (work from home)

- Scheduling and progress notes on an electronic health record

- Clinical directorship per board standards is offered for license eligible and associate licensed counselors

- Onsite supervision is offered for interns, all license eligible and associate level counselors must obtain outside supervision to meet board requirements


JCAC's Education Model

We offer internship opportunities! Part of the JCAC mission is to create a learning and growing atmosphere for the next generation of counselors. Our interns rotate throughout the year and typically start in the winter, summer, and fall semesters. We start accepting resumes for the new year in Janurary and start the interview process in February. Please send in your resume to AlpharettaCounseling1@gmail.com to get started!

What to expect: JCAC is a group private practice that offers play therapy, adolescent counseling, adult psychotherapy, couples counseling, and elder counseling. Each counselor at our practice is specialized in their niche and we value high quality training and supervision. At our site, each intern must be open to getting experience across the lifespan including play therapy with children. Play therapy educational resources and supervision will be offered.

Over half of the JCAC staff started at JCAC as an intern. The work culture is supportive and everyone invests into the interns and their growth. It is a great opportunity to learn from many different counselors and gain experience with different populations. There are employment opportunities offered upod graduation if JCAC is the right fit for the counselor.



Whether you are looking for an internship or a job, you can apply by emailing your resume/cv and cover letter to the office manager at AlpharettaCounseling1@gmail.com. Send any questions regarding your interest to that email address as well. If you call the intake line you will be instructed to send an email. 

Are we hiring? It depends. We are always accepting resumes, when you email us we will let you know if we are hiring or if we will in the near future.