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Are you feeling alone in your marriage? Have you wondered if you are a priority to your partner? Do you feel you can't share with your spouse? Counselors at Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling are trained to help you find connection again, to learn to communicate, to understand your partner, and in turn feel understood.


WHAT TO EXPECT: Couples Therapy includes coming together with a neutral party to discuss how to improve your relationship. The counselors at JCAC see your relationship as their client rather than each individual. We are not going to take sides, or tell one or the other how to change. Our role is to help you define your goals and dreams for your marriage, understand barriers, and collaboratively work through them to make connecting to each other easy again. Below you will see multiple styles of couple's therapy that we offer at Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling. Learn a little about each to see which one will fit you best.

Questions? Not sure how to get started? Call us at 404-834-2363, or schedule a time to for us to call you. We can determine who is the right fit for you, help give you resources, and schedule your first counseling session. We look forward to speaking with you!



EFT helps couples by assisting them to be open, attuned, and responsive to each other allowing them to reestablish their emotional connection. An essential element in healthy marriages is emotional responsiveness: trust in your ability to have emotional communication during high stress. Click on the video here to learn more from the creator of EFT, Sue Johnson.

Knowing that you can turn towards each other when it really matters. Having this is deeper than “I know they love me.” It is “I know in my bones they are there for me, they are my friend, they have my back, I know we are a team.” Couples Therapy helps couples learn how they are getting stuck (feeling alone or not important when you need your partner the most), assist to communicate the genuine need, and help the other partner hear it in a non-threatening way. Counselors at Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling are trained to provide EFT. We can help you overcome barriers to communication, connection, and intimacy. We can help it be simple again. That hole in your heart can feel full again.

Why Experience & Training Matters

Counselors graduate with the basic knowledge of counseling skills. To offer couples therapy, counselors attend additional trainings certfications in couples therapy. & most counselors... have not taken that step. At JCAC, our couple's counselors have training in EFT couples therapy and are taking steps to certification. We have seen countless couples find each other again and have the marriage they dream of. It is possible for you!

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 Pro Tips: 

1) Ask your potential counselor how much training they have received in couples therapy, and how much of their caseload is couples. Min: EFT trainings, and 25-50% of their caseload.

2) If a counselor tells you what to do, find a new counselor. We do not decide what is best for you or your family. EFT is a truth exposing process that helps you express yourself and hear your partner allowing true healing to begin. It can also help you find the "Why" of your situation so you can make an educated decision. 

Marriage Master Class

Work on your relationship together

EStart the conversation by watching this video series together. This can serve as a great way to prepare for couples counseling with JCAC or to work on your relationship before trying Couples Therapy. This video series is based in the EFT Couples Therapy Model, and has the same feel as the first four sessions of EFT Therapy. 

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