Counseling for Adolescents


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Your child is now a teenager and it is hard to know how much or how little to help, especially when they are struggling. They are your child, but they are budding into adulthood,. It is a confusing time as a parent, and it is confusing as a teen. At JCAC ,we have counselors that specialize working with teenagers by offering groups and individual counseling. We can assist your teenager explore their identity, values, self-esteem, self-worth, goals, and dreams of life. We can help the struggling adolescent manage relationships, social situations, battle addiction, bullying, self harm, depression and anxiety. We also can help you as a parent, when to step in, when to step back. 


Support groups

Getting social without a device

Have you ever been explaining something to someone and they knew exactly what you were talking about because they had been through the same thing? It is a great feeling. A feeling of being understood and validated. That is what happens in counseling support groups. The group is led by a trained counselor, the discussion is productive and therapeutic. Each member of the group can support each other, give ideas, and share what not to do.

At JCAC, we have counselors that offer support groups for teenagers:

1) Cutting and Self Harm Group, Sunday Nights, TBA start date

2) Life Transition Group (Divorce, Loss, Move), Sunday Nights, TBA start date. 

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