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Decrease Your Worry With This Easy Tool: EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping

Decrease Your Worry With This Easy Tool: EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping

JCAC Counselor, Ginny Vose, explains Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), and guides you through how to use "Psychological Acupuncture" to help you reduce anxiety, pain, and emotional stress. EFT is the action of tapping meridian points, or "emotional hot spots", on your body to restore balance to your body's energy.

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The JCAC Counselors specialize in counseling services throughout the lifespan! We offer play therapy, counseling for children, parental support, adolescent counseling, mental health services, couples counseling, pr...

When the Holidays Aren’t Happy

For many people, the holiday season is meaningful, merry, and oh so bright—with the cheery decorations found on every street corner, enticing the hustle and bustle for the most festive time of year. The constant holiday songs, parties, and endless festivities draw a surprise when considering that the holidays aren’t always happy. The truth is, not everyone finds the holiday spirit and experiences its ethereal magic. For some, the holiday season is full of monotony, dread, and stress. This time of year can remind us of whats been lost or never had. I once had a friend express the grief she felt while watching an infamous holiday Publix commercial. The commercial was a reminder of ...

Guided Imagery to Positive Self-Talk: Rewriting Your Negative Thoughts

In this video, Ginny Vose, Counselor with JCAC, leads you through an exercise to learn how to calm the negative thoughts in your brain. You will practice how to change negative self-talk into positive statements that will leave your feeling calm, focused, and strong.

Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling (#JCAC) is a warm and family orientated counseling practice in Alpharetta, Ga. We offer online counseling services in the states of Georgia and Florida. We offer in-office counseling service at our Alpharetta office which is conveniently located to serve Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell, and Cumming, Ga.

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Grief Counseling Frequently Asked Questions by Caylin Broome, JCAC Counselor


What is grief?

Grief is an intense emotional, spiritual, and physical experience that tends to follow a loss event or significant life change. Although culturally we tend to associate grief most commonly with things like death and divorce, many experts believe that you can grieve any major change or deviation from what was “normal” before. This includes the changes that our culture sees as being largely positive, like weddings, moves, and retirement. Even in these situations, the “old” way of life is gone permanently, and despite the fact that these may have been intended and anticipated changes, they often do trigger grief responses and adjustment difficulties.

What ...

EMDR Explained: Treatment for Trauma That Really Works!

In this video, Ginny Vose, Trauma Specialist and Mental Health Counselor with JCAC, shares with you a trauma treatment called EMDR and what a typical EMDR session looks like. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EMDR is a treatment that enables people to heal from the emotional distress that results from disturbing life experiences by changing the way traumatic memories are stored. In this video, Ginny walks you through Bilateral Stimulation techniques as well as the process of “raising your window of tolerance” through treatment.

Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling (#JCAC) is a warm and family orientated counseling practice in Alpharetta, Ga. We offer online counse...

Missing Family During The Holidays

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Missing Family During The Holiday

The holidays is a wonderful time of the year when family and friends, are able to get together and share moments. However, due to the pandemic, some individuals can't participate in seeing their loves ones due to the fear of exposing their family to the virus. The virus being a major obstacle for some families, is not the only obstacle. There are other obstacles such as family members being separated due to military deployments, passing, distance, financial, and even the lack of a support system due to personal beliefs and de...

A Southern Christmas Craft

A Southern Christmas Craft: Pinecone Christmas Tree


At JCAC, we hope that everyone is doing well and is in high spirits. For the Christmas/ holiday craft countdown we have a craft that anyone can partake in! This craft is the southern Christmas pine cone Christmas tree! This simple task is a great task to have the whole family participate in. Crafts bring families together and allow for special moments and memories to be cherished and created. COVID-19 has taken a lot of normalcy and tradition away from us, so for some, it does not feel like the holidays at all. Many of us won't be able to travel to see family and may feel alone or left out. This craft is perfect to do over a family FaceTi...

What Things Are You Grateful For?

What Things Are You Grateful For?

By: Chloe, Clinical Intern with JCAC


How To Find A Therapist

How To Find A Therapist

By: Chloe Gabrielle Harper, Clinical Intern at JCAC


A question that is pretty common is “How Do I Find A Therapist?”. You are sitting in your bed and you realize that it is time to make a change, so you talk to your friend and he or she tells you maybe you need a therapist. You do a wild google search and words come up like “mental health counselor”, “clinical counselor”, “mental health technician”, “telehealth mental professional”, “psychiatrist”, and “psychologist”, and the list continues! You have asked you, friends, you have gone through 8 pages of google sites, and side links; a...

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