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For many people, the close of the calendar year is a time of deep reflection. As one year winds down and a new one looms on the horizon, most of us find ourselves considering the events of the last 12 months, and speculating about what the future may bring. Our social media feeds may be full of year-end reflection posts, other people’s highlight reels of their accomplishments and milestones hit in 2021, as well as their bold and optimistic resolutions and declarations for the coming year. For grievers, however, this socially sanctioned proof of the passage of time can be complicated. If you’ve lost someone close to you (or experienced another life-altering change, like a divorce ...


When the Holidays Aren’t Happy

For many people, the holiday season is meaningful, merry, and oh so bright—with the cheery decorations found on every street corner, enticing the hustle and bustle for the most festive time of year. The constant holiday songs, parties, and endless festivities draw a surprise when considering that the holidays aren’t always happy. The truth is, not everyone finds the holiday spirit and experiences its ethereal magic. For some, the holiday season is full of monotony, dread, and stress. This time of year can remind us of whats been lost or never had. I once had a friend express the grief she felt while watching an infamous holiday Publix commercial. The commercial was a reminder of ...


Missing Family During The Holidays

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Missing Family During The Holiday

The holidays is a wonderful time of the year when family and friends, are able to get together and share moments. However, due to the pandemic, some individuals can't participate in seeing their loves ones due to the fear of exposing their family to the virus. The virus being a major obstacle for some families, is not the only obstacle. There are other obstacles such as family members being separated due to military deployments, passing, distance, financial, and even the lack of a support system due to personal beliefs and de...