Counseling for Adults 



Individual counseling, psychotherapy, or talk therapy is a collaborative process between counselor and client that aims to promote change and improve quality of life. At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling, our therapists are trained to offer DBT- Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work with mental illness, addiction, heal from the past, or interpersonal growth. Other mediums are used to access the emotion that words cannot reach such as art therapy, sand tray therapy, writing, relaxation techniques, music, and stress management. Individual counseling offers a space of emotional safety allowing healing to occur.

Therapy can help people confront barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being, and it can also increase positive feelings such as compassion, self-esteem, love, courage, and peace. Many people enjoy the therapeutic journey and they may pursue ongoing psychotherapy as a means of self-growth and self-actualization. Whether you are mourning a loss, feeling lost and need direction, having difficulty in a relationship, a safe relationship with a counselor can help you on your journey. Our therapists at JCAC provide and hold a space for clients to feel at ease, emotionally safe, and understood. From this basis, therapeutic skills are utilized to assist clients in exploring and working through distress and increase balance in their lives. 

Please read below to learn about the different services we offer for adults, and the different populations we specialize in! 

Greif and Loss

Finding a Way...

When you lose someone it is hard to know what to feel or what is normal. At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling, we understand that coping with grief can be overwhelming and we are hear to help you find a way through your loss. Everyone's journal with grief is different, some feel too much, some feel nothing at all, some lose the ability to function in daily life. There is no right or wrong, there is only your experience. No one can take the pain away, however we can help you find peace and hope so that you can create meaning in your life once again. Please call to be matched with a caring therapist.  


Men's Counseling

You can ask for help too

Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety and Depression are commonly used terms in our society. However, experiencing anxiety or depression is bigger than a bad day or daily stress. Depression it can make getting through a day feel impossible. Anxiety can make tackling everyday challenges feel impossible. The good news is there are real and tangible tools to learn how to manage and take control of depression and anxiety symptoms. Our counselors specialize working with a wide variety of mental health issues including: depression, anxiety, OCD-obsessive compulsion disorder, specific phobias, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, trauma related disorders. We have strong working relationships with excellent psychiatrists in the community. If you would like more information please ask for a psychiatric referral when you call!


Post Partum-Depression

Recognizing the Symptoms

Having a new baby brings a whirlwind of new experiences and emotions. After 40 weeks of waiting, you finally have your new life. Post-Partum Depression occurs to 1 in 7 women and can cause this joyful time to be full of fear, doubt, and sadness. JCAC we have counselors trained to understand and help. We can give you tools, help you know what is normal and what is depression, and we can help your family understand and support you. Please give us a call!

In most cases symptoms appear within 4 weeks after the birth. While 80% of women in treatment find recovery, only 15% seek treatment or know they have it. Click here to learn more about the symptoms and how we can help.


Young Adults

Navigating the Big Decisions


All are welcome..

Come as you are.



Our counselors at Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling have specialized training to treat and work with an array of addictions such as: gambling, eating, and sex addictions. Our counselors are able to offer couples and family services for drug and alcohol addictions in conjunction with individualized addiction care with your own addiction specialized counselor. We are an outpatient facility that can offer weekly appointments. We strive to work with individual and the family to increase the understanding of addiction and how to take the necessary steps toward a healthier lifestyle. We practice a non-judgement client centered model of therapy meeting each person where they are in their progress. We are an outpatient counseling center and we are happy to take referrals from inpatient settings for ongoing collaborative care. Please call the intake line if you have an questions.