family counseling

Our Therapists at Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling are trained to work with the whole family system. There are a number of ways that we provide family therapy; the whole family, in pairs (child/parent), individually, or a combination of the above. Who participates in each family therapy session depends on the goals and conflict within the family. For example, if the couples starts marital counseling, and conflict impacted the children- family counseling can be used to process together the conflict and the vision for the future as a family. Or, If a parent is struggling with an addiction or mental illness, family counseling can be used to help all understand, support, and process as family. The goal of JCAC is to create safety in which all family members can freely share and express their thoughts and feelings therefore creating a healthy process of differences, allow for conflict resolution, and to facilitate increased connection. Talk & play are both used to facilitate healthy communication, healing, and growth as a family.

Family Therapy with Military Families

No one understands what a military family goes through like a fellow veteran. We offer family counseling with personal insight and care from a counselor who is also a veteran. Our family counseling can help find balance and stability while your loved one is away, or as they integrate back into civilian life. We can work with the whole family, parent/child pairs, and couples. We also offer support to family members in understanding and insight into PTSD, Depression, and Substance Abuse. We look forward to serving your family.

Family Therapy with young children

When working with a family with young children our therapists are trained to practice family play therapy, filial therapy, or theraplay. Our Therapists will want to meet with the parents first to provide an overview access of the family’s emotional needs. Our therapists work holistically with family to create unique goals & plans of therapy for each family to meet their unique needs. Please call to see how we can meet your family therapy needs!

Our approach

One of our models of family therapy is Structural Family Therapy. This theory’s foundation is in the principals of: family structure, rules, rituals, and patterns of interaction. The therapist is trained to assess these dynamics and see how they impact the problems and the solutions. This model assists families to have healthy boundaries, communication, and connection. Another model our therapists utilize is the Attachment Theory. This theory allows therapists to analysis safety and distress in relationships and assist in the connection and emotional vulnerability. Call our intake line above if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment. 

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