Counseling for Seniors


Counseling for seniors

a life worth living

At JCAC we offer individual counseling for mature adults who want to continue to live a full and vibrant life. We can assist in processing grief, purpose, and memories and experiences from the past are the threads that create the beautiful tapestry that we call life. Although the body and brain may develop ailments, the mind and spirit still are alive! Therapy is a wonderful tool that can help one continue experiencing all that life has to offer. We will sit beside you as you regain the treasure to live in the moment, while cherishing the past and arriving at peace with the future.


Caregiver support

you deserve support too

At JCAC we offer counseling and support to caregivers. Cognitive decline and physical ailments can impact the family system greatly. We know that navigating late life transitions can be challenging, not only for the individual, but also for family members and their loved ones. Caregivers may face high stress, frustration, and guilt. Our counselors are aware of these stressors and specialize in helping caregivers create coping strategies to decrease stress and caregiver fatigue. Moreover, we understand that navigating senior care and the healthcare system, can be extremely challenging. At JCAC we can help you to find peace, with your decisions throughout the process.


Grief and loss

nurture your broken heart

Our counselors at JCAC are here to support, care, and assist you when you lose someone special and dear. The stages of grief are not as rigid as one may think, in that they flow with the currents of the sea. Some days may be more taxing than other, all the while we are passionate to help you find peace. Our safe and healing space allows for contemplation of life and death. We will help you find peace and healing throughout your journey.


Cognitive decline

keeping your memories alive

Our counselors at JCAC are specially trained to understand and know how to work with age related cognitive decline. As we know, life is ever changing, as we get older if we misplace our keys or forget to turn the stove off we learn to adapt. We work with you to accommodate age related cognitive impairment. By bringing mindfulness and guided imagery into session, we help to illumine your memories while activating your working memory. By restoring hobbies, interest, and coping skills from the past you will find yourself reflecting on the beauty before you, while enjoying every moment that is now.

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