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Tips for Beating Post-Graduation Anxiety

Tips for Beating Post-Graduation Anxiety


Graduation is exciting for most people who have taken the step and finished school, or a program of some sort. The final step that most students look at as one of their greatest accomplishments. However, the pandemic has shifted what post-graduation may look like for some. In the past few months, we have seen a rise in unemployment rates, as well as the closure of various businesses. To a graduating student, the workforce now seems like a hunting ground to beat out the next person in finding a job, that is already scarce. Just knowing that, there may be a few jobs available for a certain career field may leave any student feeling a variety of emotions. Some of those emotions may be scared, fearful, anxious, worried; and so many more relatable emotions. In all honesty, that is normal to feel that way. In order to relieve some of those anxieties, fearfulness, and worries, several mental health resources have discovered ways in relieving some post-graduation anxiety.

Tip 1: One article by psyc.net made the statement about doing a test run.

Before your scheduled interview, tour the place or get familiar with the platform you will be interviewing for. Becoming familiar with the platform your interview will be based on will help you boost your confidence, which will overall contribute to how you view yourself.

Tip 2: Focus on the obtainable. At the moment you may feel that it will be impossible to get a job and that you will never beat out the thousands of other graduating applicants, But is that entirely true? Begin shifting your focus, not on the act of not obtaining anything, and be more present with what is physically obtainable in that moment. how many jobs can you apply to in a day? What on your resume needs to be adjusted in order to cater to the job you are applying for? What keywords do you need to add to your resume or linkd in order to stand out more?

Tip 3: Zoom in. If you focus too much on the bigger picture of your life, of course, you are going to have a lot more anxiety about the things that haven't happened yet. Why not zoom in, and focus on the things that you can change now.

Tip 4: Get Feedback. If you have ad a couple of bad interviews post-graduation that is okay, ask for what you could have done better and what worked. Being able to understand what companies, jobs, professions, are looking for can help better prepare you for the next interview.

Tip 5: Accept the Complex. Life is very different right now, and that the best thing you can do for yourself is to accept the present context you are in and shifting your perspective to one that allows for the complex. There are outside factors that you can not change, but there are internal factors that you do have the power to change.


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