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It is okay to not be okay...

Written by Alice Hamrick, Counseling Intern with JCAC

It is okay to not be okay....

Everyone is struggling in this- but in different ways. Whether it is a loss of a wedding, funeral, or graduation. Or a fear of financial strain, employment insecurity, or unemployment. Whether it is the increased stress of being your child’s teacher with homeschooling….

How many times this week have you seen a Meme suggesting this pandemic crisis is the perfect time to “get things done?" This message can be very shaming for those who don’t have the emotional strength right now to anything done. Not only is this message saying we should be doing more but it discounts the emotional response people are having to this crisis. I want to spread the message it is okay to be a human “being” instead of a human “behaving”. Allowing yourself to sit with your emotions promotes true healing. Developing a window of tolerance for all emotions is a source of freedom. Not all emotions can be labeled or understood but every emotion yearns to be felt. It is okay to feel sad. It is okay to feel angry. It is okay to feel scared. It is okay to not be okay!

It is okay to lose it, it is okay to cry, it is okay to feel numb, it is okay to have bad days.

It is also okay to be okay....

There may be moments of calm or moments of hope. It is important to not feel guilty when you have those moments. It is the break you need… it is your strength to keep going. There is a lot going around social media that can imply "if you are not upset all the time, then you must not care." What originally started as "lets take this seriously" may have turned into "feel guilty if you are not suffering as much as me." It is healthy to have good moments, it is okay to feel grateful for what you have, it is okay to be okay.

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Written by Alice Hamrick, Counseling Intern with JCAC

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