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How To Teach Your Child Mindfulness


How To Teach Your Child Mindfulness

By: Chloe Harper

Mindfulness is something that everyone should learn how to do, no matter the age. Mindfulness is a tool that can allow any individual to regulate their own internal functioning and emotions. That sounds practical for an adult to learn, but what about a child? A lot of parents ask what can mindfulness do for their child. David Gelles writes in the New York times about the benefits of mindfulness for children; the simplest practices help a child to learn how to be gentle, accepting, reducing anxiety, increasing happiness, and creating early habits.

When to begin?

Parents can begin as early as infancy when teaching mindfulness to their babies and begin adding other activities as the child gets older to help smooth the transitions into different age groups.



Thankfully there are several resources available to aid parents in adding mindfulness to their child's daily life.

Some options that are low in cost and are more accessible to find are: these books can also be found in the children's book section at target!

1. What Is Empathy? by: Amanda Morin and John Joseph

2. Mindfulness for Kids Who Worry by Katie Austin LCSW-C

3. Mindful Games For Kids by Kristina M. S.

4. Mindfulness For Little Ones by Hiedi France, EdD

5. Bedtime Meditations For Kids by Cory Cochiolo MA, CH

Other forms of resources can be found at:



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