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Finding a Great Therapist


Talking with a therapist may make some people anxious. Will my therapist be kind and understanding? Can they really handle all that I'm about to unload on them? What if they don't know how to help me with my particular problem? These are all valid and normal questions to have before meeting with your therapist. We have a few tips to help you:

1. Do your research. Find a therapist in your area that specializes in what you're bringing to the table.

2. Call and/or email a few of your top choices. If possible, have a phone or video consultation with your potential therapist to see if they are a good fit.

3. Understand your finances and their fees before solidifying the appointment.

4. Make a list of goals you have for yourself to work on in therapy. If you can't come up with goals, have a list of issues to discuss.

Read the article from Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker to see that you're not alone in your concerns about starting therapy.