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Are You a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

Am I A Highly Sensitive Person? (HSP)

By Rachel Butler, MS, NCC, APC, Counselor with JCAC

Have you heard of the term Highly Sensitive People (HSP)? High Sensitive People is a term for individuals that are highly observant and typically empathetic people. So, this can be a gift! However, you may also be overwhelmed easily. This trait is common with about 20% - or 1 in 5 people - in the world. I get it, I'm an HSP as well. At JCAC, we specialize with HSP, we work with it often. Below is a list to see if you are an HSP:

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person you may…

1) Pick up on tiny differences or changes

2) Find that you’re more in tune with your emotions

3) Notice that you’re more affected by stress than others around you

4) Consider yourself creative or intuitive

5) Have trouble with burnout

6) Experience empathy for others deeply

If you're an HSP, this trait may affect both your personal and professional life.

With your work life, you may be an ideal employee but feel stressed with chaotic environments. In your personal life, your family may not understand how you can feel your emotions so deeply and tell you to toughen up.

Good News! There are ways to manage the emotion and stress in effective ways. We can help you find ways to better communicate your needs with your partner that isn't an HSP.

If your teenager is an HSP, it is possible they could experience trouble in friendships or romantic relationships regarding their sensitivity. I can help them learn to both nurture their sensitivity and set healthy boundaries with their peers.

In counseling, we can work on:

How to interact with non-HSPs

Set up a routine in your life that feels right for you

How to reframe your thoughts and be kinder to yourself

Improve low self-esteem

How to handle constructive criticism and not overreact

Be assertive with your needs

How to relax when overstimulated

Process big changes in life together

Find great relationships that work with your sensitivity needs

If you identify as HSP, remember, this is a gift as well as a challenge. You can use your empathy and caring to help others, and you can use strategies to protect your emotions when it is time for your self-care. We can help!

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