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Certified Trauma Specialist

Ginny has worked with children, teens, and their parents for over 25 years. She loves to work with children and teens who struggle with anger management, anxiety, depression, bullying, and children dealing with parental divorce. She also enjoys coaching parents through issues that arise while raising children. She sees children at the Alpharetta office and seeing parents either at the Alpharetta office or online.

Ginny helps people with boundary issues in their lives. She enjoys working with people who struggle with a family member, significant other, or friend who is narcissistic or toxic in any way. Ginny also enjoys working with those who struggle in their relationship with food. She has lived through and done research in the area of dieting. She also enjoys working with those who struggle with eating disorders.

As a certified trauma therapist, Ginny’s heart is serving those who serve the community every day. She finds it an honor to work with First Responders, Fire Fighters, and Veterans. Additionally, she has a heart for those who are survivors of sexual assault. Ginny uses a three-phase approach to complex trauma and PTSD. Using CBT, DBT, CPT, EMDR, and Narrative therapy, she works to first provide skills for the clients to manage the aftereffects of trauma and to move on after the trauma. She sees clients in the Alpharetta office and online.

Ginny has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regent University, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from Upper Iowa University and a Master of Education Degree from Concordia University. As a 23-year veteran teacher, she has a pulse on the struggles that young people deal with daily.

Ginny is now offering therapy with her dog, Zoey. Using a dog in therapy adds another layer of assistance to clients. Zoey can help improve motivation and engagement in therapy, perhaps resulting in a shorter recovery process and lower costs. Zoey can also provide a sense of security and emotional support. Dogs in particular offer unconditional acceptance and positive regard. Having a session with Zoey can promote relaxation. Zoey can help the client learn frustration tolerance and other anger management techniques. Working with Zoey can be instruments of learning, which can increase self-confidence and self-esteem. More than anything, Zoey always offers humor and fun due to her playful nature.

To schedule an appointment with Ginny, please call 404-834-2363

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