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What Is Parent Coaching? FAQs Answered by a JCAC Counselor


What are parent coaching sessions?

Parent coaching sessions are focused on learning better ways to help your child manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, but they also help parents better communicate with their child. Parent coaching sessions typically consist of 4 parts: 1) Considering and adjusting your current perspective, 2) Reconnecting with your child, 3) Learning new parenting strategies and techniques to try, and 4) Practicing and continuing those new strategies in daily life.

What are some things that I will learn in a parent coaching session?

During a parent coaching session, we go over: using proactive and preventative techniques; seeing what life is like through the eyes of your child; focusing on your words and actions; and being purposeful.

How do I know these techniques will work on my child?

Proactive and preventative techniques are universal. They apply in nearly every situation, and are the most likely strategies that lead to fewer outbursts down the line. During a parent coaching session, you will learn new skills to keep in your parenting toolbox.

Why did my child not respond to a parenting strategy that worked for my other child?

Answer: One parenting strategy that worked well on one kid doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on the others. Children have countless differences, but the main 3 we will focus on are; personality, temperament, and maturity. The goal of parent coaching sessions is to provide you with so many skills for your parenting toolbox that if you grab the wrong one, there’s another tool waiting for you.

About Mikayla Minehart

Mikayla works with children, adolescents, young adults, and families, with a variety of mental health concerns such as trauma, aggression, grief, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. She strives to establish a collaborative, trusting therapeutic relationship with clients in order to help them reach their goals, and values providing a safe and supportive space to promote opportunities for positive change.