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Virtual Learning Emotional Support

Digital Learning Emotional Support

With all the counties starting digital learning for the 2020-2021 school year, we are creating solutions for your child to succeed this academic year- and parents to not lose their mind in the process. Many parents saw a mental health impact due to the sudden change in March, the loss of structure of school provided, and the loss of socialization with peers. In partnership with Teachers as Tutors’ certified Teachers, we have created a plan to help your child thrive academically and emotionally! Click here to learn more about In-Home Digital Learning Support from a certified teacher.

Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling is committed to helping your child thrive when school and fun is cancelled. We are offering support groups both in office in Alpharetta, and online with a digital platform. Our child counselors are offering social skills groups and art therapy groups. Each group will be offered weekly for an hour with similar age children.

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Social Skills Group:

If you child is struggling with social skills, our groups can help your child learn how to handle social situations and respond to difficulty emotions with peers. Quarantine is taking away our child’s chance for social interaction which could potentially impact their social intelligence. With parents working from home, TV babysitting is becoming the norm. Though necessary, is impacting children’s long term social skills. Our social skills groups will have two counselors; one to lead, and one to support each child individually if they need extra support.

Goals for Social Skills group:

- improve communication with peers and adults

- gain emotional understanding and regulation

- increase emotional awareness in a social setting (ie. social cues, pause in conversation, etc)

Art Therapy Group:

This group will use art to regulate emotion that words have a hard time to express. Quarantine, no school, lack of social interaction, and increased stress on parents can cause anxiety and difficult emotions that young children may not understand. Children do not process emotions verbally like adults do, they use expressive means to let out their stress. Consider the game “ring around the rosey.” Research supports that Art Therapy is an effective and healing method for children to express and learn how to tame difficult emotions.

Goals for Art Therapy Group:

- Process transitions in this chaotic world

- express emotions in a healthy way

- gain emotional understanding and regulation

If you want to get started, schedule a time to talk to one of our counselors. We look forward to supporting your family this school year!


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