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Relationship Check-in


Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

How are you feeling in your relationship? Do you feel strong and confident? Or possibly like you're being taken advantage of?

This article by Alena Gerst https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/support-dont-contort-3-questions-about-your-relationships-0814197 defines how we feel in relationships by either feeling supported or contorted. Pretty easy to remember! We feel supported when we feel loved, safe, encouraged, and challeneged in a healthy way. We may feel contorted when we don't feel heard, feel a need to fold over to keep the peace, you can't be yourself, and there's a lack of compromise. The 3 questions the author mentions to ask yourself:

1. Do you feel energized or depleted?

2. Do you feel authentic in this dynamic? Or do you feel like you have to be someone you are not?

3. Is the relationship sustainable or temporary?

How did you answer these questions? If you're struggling in your relationship, contact us to help!