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Nature And Stress Reduction

A 2015 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences adds to growing evidence that spending time in nature increases a positive mood. The study focused on taking a 90-minute walk in a natural setting. It demonstrated that such a walk reduced obsessive, repetitive thoughts that focused on negative aspects of ones-self.


This occurs because more blood is flowing to the areas of the brain that regulate your mood.

Lead author Gregory Bratman, a Stanford University graduate student, says “the finding is exciting because it demonstrates the impact of nature experience on an aspect of emotion regulation — something that may help explain how nature makes us feel better.”

So when you catch yourself stuck, heavy, or worn thin. Get into nature- go on a walk, sit by a creek, and be present in the world around you. It does not need to be a 90 min walk, even a 10 min break around your building can help. You will find your stress decreasing, and your resilience increasing!