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Motherhood and Postpartum During The COVID Crisis

Motherhood and Postpartum During The COVID Crisis

by Chloe Gabrielle Harper, Clinical Intern at JCAC

The United States has seen the most socially changing event, that has shaken the very core of all American's; the COVID epidemic. The epidemic has caused the isolation of many individuals and the halting of every social activity. With the new way of life, the way we socialize and interact in the world has vastly changed. As a result, we have incorporated different ways to not only keep us safe but to also find ways to socialize virtually. However, among the groups of individuals that have been affected by the epidemic, the most overlooked ones are the mothers that are suffering from postpartum. Becoming a mother is a wonderful, new, and hard for some; adding onto the role is the effect of postpartum. With the extra resources that have been published on blog websites with titles like "How to protect yourself when you go to the movies" or "How to dine during an epidemic"; where are the blogs about mothers? Approximately, 70-to-80% of women will experience the "baby blues" and between 10-to-20% new mothers will experience clinical postpartum depression. If we compare the rates of depression before COVID there is a 30% increase in the rates of women with self-reported symptoms.


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So what can be done to help these mothers? Fortunately, Johns Creek and Alpharetta counseling center have helpful therapists that are seeking training during the crisis to help mothers suffering from postpartum. Currently, at JCAC, one therapist by the name of Parisa will be holding a mother's group to help educate mothers and provide help. Also, some outside resources that have proved to be very useful for mothers can be found with a simple google search!

Resources to check out:

1. The Postpartum Support International website: click here: https://www.postpartum.net

has resources such as the hotline number, virtual support groups, and Facebook live chats for moms and dads.

2. COVID Coach app:

Is an easily downloadable app that helps teach its users to manage stress. Created by the US Department of Veteran Affairs, it is a free app that helps to build resilience, manage stress, and increase your well-being; all at the palm of your hand.

3. Emory's Women's Mental Health: click here: womensmentalhealth.emory.edu/resources/patients%20care%links.html

Emory's Women's Mental Health program has a website that has links to helpful resources for mothers. Some of the resources are:

  • breastfeeding links

  • pregnancy loss

  • post-adoption

  • postpartum

  • addiction

  • general mental health care


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