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Kids Screen Time, Finding Balance

By: Erica Gregory, LMFT. Counselor and Owner of Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling


In this video, Erica discusses how to assess what is a healthy amount of screen time, and how to find balance with your kids use of technology. After COVID-1...

In this video, Erica discusses how to assess what is a healthy amount of screen time, and how to find balance with your kids use of technology. After COVID-19, screen time with children is up and it is time to re-assess how we measure what is healthy. This video can help you know the dangers of technology, the benefits of technology, and help you change your perception of screen time from bad to a " useful tool." Erica can help you create balance with technology in your home, and she helps you have the conversation about screen time with you teenager. Rethinking screen time can help you manage any guilt you have as a parent, and it can help you talk to your teen about finding balance with their use of technology. It is time to stop beating ourselves up as parents and create a new perception of technology so we can have healthy habits with screen time.

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