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JCAC's response to the CoronaVirus

To the Individuals and Families We Serve,

We are writing to assure you that we are taking the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak seriously. The schools in our local area are closing for 1-2 weeks, and we want to do our part to minimize the spread of this virus. We plan to take extra measures to keep our office clean and germ free to protect you and our staff. In response effective immediately we are updating our office polic

1. We are sanitizing all highly touched items daily (door knobs, waiting room chairs, children’s toys, art supplies, etc.)

2. Upon entering the building, we ask everyone (staff and clients) to wash their hands immediately.

3. We have advised all staff to stay home if they are feeling un-well.

4. If you are feeling un-well, please remain home. There will be no cancellation fee if you cancel for sickness related concerns.

5. In place of in-office sessions, we can offer online counseling through a secure screen-time server. Please reach out to your counselor to discuss this option in detail and to schedule your next session as an online session.

With outbreaks such as this, it is easy to feel stressed, panic, or fear. Please know that we are here to continue to aid you through this tough time. If you have any questions or concerns, please call your counselor directly or call 404-834-2363. We look forward to continuing to be a part of you care.

In Health,

Erica Gregory and The JCAC Team