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How to Start Journaling

The benefits of journaling are vast. It can help you re-center daily, have a place for your thoughts, and a place to work through difficult or joyful feelings. When you let your hand freely write down thoughts from your mind without fear of others might think, it can be an incredibly powerful feeling of personal release.

For most, the idea of journaling is overwhelming. I have heard everything from: How do I get started? What do I write? I feel more stressed looking at the blank page than before! Here is a way to ease into the practice of journaling. Start by answering the following questions in a personal little book. I borrowed some of these questions from Chuck Allen and his journal called "Power Routines" Click here to learn more about Power Routines and how you can get a copy

1) Three things I am grateful for

2) A challenge from yesterday, and how I overcame it

3) What I am looking forward to today

4) I can be successful today if...

5) I am praying for ... Who... What

6) Answered prayers

If taking more time with your thoughts is overwhelming, or your emotions are difficult to manage, we recommend talking to Parisa Poorak. Parisa is one of our counselors and she excels at helping individuals find space and to manage difficult emotions from the past or looking toward the future.

Click here to schedule a time to talk to Parisa

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