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Book Recommendation For Parents

Having a hard time balancing boundary setting with nurturing your child's distress? Ever asked yourself "when do I pick them up and hold them, and when do I not give in?" These books help parents navigate when to be present, and when to stay firm. All of the Books are written by Dr. Dan Siegel who is a psychologist with 30+ years working with, and doing research with children. Everything in his books are accurate to the developmental ability of each child and based in neuroscience of what creates effective and independent adults (which is the goal right?)

Parenting From the Inside Out

Helps parents Navigate how they were parented, and therefore how they are parenting.


No Drama Discipline

Helps parents understand the role and use of discipline to grow children that can instinctually make good decisions.


Brain Storm

Parents of Adolescents, explains why they are so crazy during this age, and how you as their parent can stay connected and help them thrive!


Happy reading!