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Couples Counseling

finding each other again

Our Therapists at JCAC are highly trained to work with couples. It is important to find a counselor with specialized training in marriage counseling because not all therapists or counselors who claim to work with couples have received the needed training. You may be thinking about trying couple's therapy if you feel unhappy, distant, or lonely in your relationship. You may get into the same fights over and over without resolution, or you feel far away from your spouse. All couples fight and all couples have differences. The key is to have a connection, a friendship, and an insight into each other's worlds. When a couple is connected; they feel close even when they are physically apart, it is simple to enjoy each other, and hard conversations are just... conversations. When a couple is not connected; life is harder, everything they do is seen thru a negative lens, and everyday conversations can lead to fights. Our counselors are trained to help each couple slow down, feel heard, and find each other again.


will it work for us?

Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling is an opportunity for a couple to explore why they are stuck, and it gives space to grow closer in a safe environment. The therapist is not a referee or a judge. They act as a facilitator in the process of examining and fostering a shift in the patterns many couples fall into. Our therapists are trained to provide EFT, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This model assists couples to become more attuned and engaged with each other. It goes beyond skill building, it is proven to increase safety in the marital bond. EFT works well with affairs, traumas, or couples who just want to feel close again. Below is a video explaining EFT and how it can help your relationship from the founder of Emotionally Focused Couple‚Äôs Therapy, Susan Johnson.


Marriage Intensive

Kick start the therapy process

Are you ready to make real change in your marriage without having to move through weekly therapy?  A Marriage Therapy Intensive is a 4-5 hour therapy session that can decrease conflict, increase understanding of yourself and your partner, and can increase connection and emotional safety. You will walk away from the session with a clear map of your arguments you get stuck in over and over again, and tools to improve communication. These sessions are designed to increase hope and faith in your marriage and kick start the therapy process- it will cover the first 6 sessions of typical couple's therapy. Ongoing therapy is recommended to continue the work started in the intensive- however you will walk away from the intensive with a clear understanding of where your relationship is going and how you can get there together. Call the intake line above to answer any questions or to schedule your intensive.


Couple's Intimacy

Sex Therapy

Problems with intimacy can occur in many marriages and range from medical, to emotional, to traumatic experiences. A Certified Sex Therapist is trained to assist couples or individuals process intimacy struggles by assisting them to work through the emotions and identify tools to improve connection. At JCAC we offer Sex Therapy from a Certified Sex Therapist that is highly trained to discuss this sensitive yet important part of romantic relationships. To directly reach our Certified Sex Therapist for a confidential phone consultation please call Brittany Young, LMFT: 678-567-6997. For more information visit her website:



preparation for a lifetime of connection

At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling we also offer Pre-Marital Counseling for engaged or planning to be engaged committed couples. Pre-marital counseling helps a couple slow down and process key emotional and practical foundations of connection prior to saying "I Do." Taking time to examine your relationship can set you up for a lifetime of happiness and love and build resilience for any stressful times ahead. So much time is spent planning the wedding ceremony which normally lasts 4-6 hours. Make sure you spend time planning for your lifetime to follow! Pre-marital couples are encouraged to participate in counseling, in intensives, or in weekend workshops. A good side note, pre-marital counseling also can give you a discount on your marriage license.


Collobative Divorce

Parenting as a team

You have decided to get a divorce, now you have to tell the children and help them through the transition. Our Counselors at JCAC provide counseling for parents who are going through a divorce or who are currently divorced to assist the transition from a couple, to a parenting team. This can be hard when children have many questions or when step parents become involved. We help parents learn how to give their children a consistent message which helps children maintain a secure base in both parents ultimately decreasing the emotional stress of a divorce.

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