We offer counseling to adults in Johns Creek and Alpharetta. Adults can benefit from psychotherapy, art therapy, Couples Therapy, EMDR, parental support, neurotherapy, addiction treatment, and mental health counseling. Adults can benefit from counseling provided in individual therapy, family therapy, couple’s therapy, or filial therapy. For more information about each type of counseling please see our services page. We meet each individual where they are and create a plan by combining of the services we offer.


Our Counselors specialize in Individual Counseling with Adolescents in Alpharetta and in Johns Creek. The teenage years are very tough, expectations at school, peer relationships, self identity, independence from parents, falling in love, peer pressure, the list goes on. What adds to the struggle is a difficulty putting into words what they are experiencing. When working with adolescents we use talk therapy, art therapy, music, sand tray, writing, relaxation techniques, stress management, and social skills training.


At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling we specialize in Play Therapy with children as well as filial therapy (parents with the child during play therapy). Children can benefit from play therapy, art therapy, filial therapy, and family therapy. Our therapists are trained to combine play therapy techniques with talk therapy techniques and other expressive mediums depending on the child’s maturity.

Young Children

Our Counselors with JCAC have specialized training to offer counseling services with young children 2-3. The therapeutic model, theraplay, involves the parent in the session with the child. At that young age the most significant change occurs within the parental/child relationship. We teach the parent skills to help their young child express themselves through play, and we assist parents understanding of their child’s needs and how best to respond to them.

Whole Families

Whether it is siblings, parent/child, or the whole family, at Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling, we specialize in decreasing conflict and increasing connection between family members. We create a holistic approach by combining all our services to provide family therapy.


At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling we offer Couples Counseling utilizing EFT, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. The couples we work with are either married, dating, engaged, or recently divorced (collaborative parenting). We go beyond helping couples communicate, we specialize in building connection, safety, and openness in the relationship. We help couples who have experienced an affair, a trauma, loss, or who just want to be closer. Please see the Couples Therapy Page.


At JCAC, we offer specialized counseling services for Veterans and their families. Whether you are preparing to depart, currently on duty, or adjusting to civilian life, we are proud to offer counseling services to assist you from a fellow veteran. We are trained to offer PTSD, mental health, addiction, and family counseling services. Please call to schedule an appointment.

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