When you call the intake line, we will discuss what your needs are and make sure we are the right fit for you. We will match you to a therapist who is most experienced to help you. We will help you identify what services best fit you, and If we are not the best fit we will recommend someone who is. Call us at 404-834-2363, we look forward to talking to you.

First Appointment

You will schedule your first appointment directly with your counselor. Each counselor maintains their schedule independently. On top of regular business hours, some counselors offer nights, some offer weekends. Let us know what days/nights/weekend works best for your family and we can make sure we match you with a counselor that shares that schedule.

For Adults

During your first session you will establish a trusting relationship with your counselor, explore the history of your struggle, and create goals that will guide your journey. It is important to have a good personality fit, meaning you can feel safe and vulnerable with your counselor. For couple's therapy, the first session is with the couple together, followed by two individual sessions, one with each. If you have questions please give us a call.

For Children

We preform intake play therapy assessments, these assessments help us give a diagnostic impression and recommendations for future therapy. The intake process consists of: 1) Parent Intake (the child not present) 2) Child Intake; Assessment of internal functioning (counselor and child alone) 3) Child Intake; Assessment of external functioning (counselor and child alone) 4) Family session; family play therapy, followed by a phone treatment planning and parental consultation . Frequency of treatment, clarification of goals, and proportion of individual/family/parental sessions is determined in the treatment planning session.

Ongoing Therapy

The cadence and longevity of treatment is determined by the goals and the struggle at hand. At times only a few sessions are required, in other situations a long term counseling relationship is needed. As counselors we have a unique task to help you not need us anymore, we work to assist you to feel strong in handling your struggle on your own.

Our Goal

Is to help you and your family to be the best versions of yourselves. We do not aim to change who you are or what you believe. We meet you where you are, follow the goals you create, and assist you to reach those goals within a healthy safe counseling relationship.


Therapy is not only a time and emotional commitment, it is a financial one. Unlike other investments, this investment grows into emotional well being and improved connections.

We are a self pay practice and we take select insurance plans in network. Each counselor is independently covered in or out of network with your insurance plan. If we do not take your insurance and you want to use your insurance, we offer out of network coverage. This means that you will pay up front and your insurance will reimburse you. I recommend checking with your insurance company what your out of network coverage is. Sometimes it is 60% to 80% of the fee, sometimes there is a deductible. It is encouraged to know what to expect before the first session.  

Important Note About Insurance

Using insurance requires the therapist to put a diagnosis down for you or your child (depending who is in therapy) of anxiety or depression, ADHD, etc. which is based on the diagnostic impression by your counselor. That diagnosis goes in their medical record which can impact involvement in the military, becoming a pilot, or life insurance, among others. If you have already talked to an MD about medication, then you already have a diagnosis and we can collaborate with them on that is.

When you use your insurance company they have a right to review your record/file at any time compromising your confidentiality. We do have limited Sliding Scale slots. Fee is determined by family income and family size. Inquire during your intake phone call.

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