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PTSD Counseling

Having PTSD following a trauma can be very confusing and overwhelming. Most do not realize that they have PTSD until it takes away the little joys of life. Trauma and it's devastating impact on the brain and body is very misunderstood in our culture. At JCAC we are trained to help you understand and to help you heal from trauma. We assist Veterans coming home, or an adults struggling with a tough past. Anyone can struggle with PTSD and trauma symptoms. The first step is to start a safe counseling relationship with someone who understands, and begin your journey to feeling in control and finding internal peace. When you call you will talk with an understanding counselor to help you get started.


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 PTSD Therapy

At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling we are honored to offer counseling services to Veterans and their Families. We accept TriCare and BCBS insurances. We offer specialized PTSD individual counseling from a fellow veteran. James King, LPC is a licensed professional counselor that served two tours in Iraq. He is able to combine his training as a counselor, his understanding of the military culture, and personal experience of combat and it's aftermath. He works with Vets individually and with their families cope with PTSD, adjusting to the civilian lifestyle, mental health, and substance abuse concerns.  We utilize the latest counseling methods to help the veterans who served us. Don't suffer in silence. It takes strength to get help and avoidance results in more suffering. Connect with your family again, connect with life again!


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Couples and Family Therapy

We offer family counseling with personal insight and care from a counselor who is also a veteran. Family counseling can help find balance and stability while your loved one is away, or as they integrate back into civilian life. We can work with the whole family, parent/child pairs, and couples. We also offer support to family members in understanding and insight into PTSD, Depression, and Substance Abuse. Our therapists are trained to provide EFT, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This model assists couples to become more attuned and engaged with each other. It goes beyond skill building, it is proven to increase safety in the marital bond. EFT works well with military families to navigate maintain connection during time away and if trauma has occurred. For more information see our couple's or family therapy page. 

Family Therapy

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