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Making learning fun again

JCAC is partnered with K-8 Tutoring and Home school Assistance to offer counseling and tutoring services collaboratively. We have found that when a child is struggling emotionally they struggle academically and vice versa. As a team, we can help your child move through their emotional concerns and stay on top of their academics! K8 Tutoring is a full service educational enrichment program- We are not just another Tutor! We offer one on one time with a certified teacher with 20 years experience educating children of emotional, developmental, and cognitive needs. Our tutors specialize in ADHD, cognitive delays, executive functioning skills, autism, Asperger's, as well as regular education children!

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We offer:

Certified special education teachers, each with 20+ years of experience who can provide:

• Tutoring for all subjects

• IEP reviews

• Teacher collaboration

• Support to parents

• Assessments to determine academic need

• Assessment to determine how your child learns

• Lesson plans will meet your child's specific needs

• Homeschool tutoring and academic support to parents

How we are different

We offer the traditional tutoring services, but we go beyond homework help. We can teach your child how to learn! We assess your child's style of learning, and can talk to your child's teachers to collaborate your child's best learning style. We teach classroom skills, concentration skills, organization skills, and discouragement resiliency.

We take it a step further with an IEP review! We can assist your child to meet their IEP goals, and we can assist your child's teacher in establishing those goals. We can help you know what questions to ask and offer support in IEP meetings.

We take it even further with collaboration with a play therapist specialized to help your child with emotional, behavioral, and anxiety concerns. We work with counselors to create a holistic plan so your child goes from anger and discouraged and fighting to go to school in the morning-  to confident and accomplished.

What we are not: We are not college or high school aged that offer help with getting homework completed. We are certified special education teachers with 20 years experience writing and implementing IEPs. We know how to assess your child's style of learning, and teach your child how to learn. Please call us to see how we can help you!


Special Education Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring by a certified teacher for students Kindergarten through 8th grade. Services can include students with or without an IEP. We have extensive experience helping children with special needs thrive.

Home School Education Assistance 

A program that comes in packages. Weekly assistance for special or regular ED children who are homeschooled. All subjects offered. Helping parents to teach the subjects they themselves struggle with. Obtaining homeschool assistance is more cost effective and personal than resorting to private school.

IEP Support

We can assist in helping your child master their IEP goals!  We are also open to working with  your child’s case manager, collaboratively working as a team to help your child succeed.

Georgia Milestones Preparation

Concerned with your child taking their next Georgia standardized tests? We have experience helping children prepare and take Georgia standardized tests. K-8 has the personal experience to know what areas to work on, so that your child's true knowledge can be demonstrated.​

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