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At JCAC we provide Neuro Biofeedback services to help you overcome ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, TBI, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Migraines, and Insomnia. We are proud to offer Neuro Biofeedback services at extremely competitive pricing because we believe in the effectiveness and life changing impact it can make in our client's life. Neuro- Biofeedback stands out from other treatments because it has long term affects after services are completed, and has no reported side affects.  At JCAC we can treat adults and children ages 6 and up. Below you will learn more about how it works, what the process is, and more information about each condition.


Neuro Biofeedback

how does it work?

Neuro- Biofeedback, also called Neurotherapy, is a brain training service that can improve the brain's performance (therefore decreasing unwanted symptoms). Brain training is a holistic and cost-effective alternative to medication when medication is not working for depression, anxiety, or ADHD in children. Neuro Biofeedback, or brain training, improves self-regulation and increases balance of key functions, therefore resulting in the brain’s natural ability to manage attention, memory, mood, and anxiety. It is approved by the American Psychological Association in the treatment of mental illness, ADHD, trauma, or organic brain disorders.

At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling, we start with the assessment called brain mapping. Your brain map will show the areas of the brain that needs attention. We can also give an overview of what conditions we see such as depression, sensory imbalance, attention issues, etc. From the brain map you will create a treatment plan with your Neurotherapist for ongoing services. During ongoing neuro-biofeedback services we can observe the brain in action from moment to moment demonstrating growth and change in real time. During treatment, the therapy rewards the brain for changing its own activity to more functional patterns. 

Brain training is a gradual learning process and it can help any aspect of brain function. Has your brain “learns” it becomes more functional- long term. Unlike medication, Neuro-biofeedback has longer term affects after services are completed and have no reported side affects.


what to expect

How the process works

To start, we will conduct an initial assessment or "brain map." A brain map measures balance and functionality of your brain. Following your map, your neuro-therapist will review your brain map, discuss the results, answer any questions you may have, make recommendations, and create a healing plan for you based on your individual results.

Your ongoing neurofeedback or brain training sessions will include audio and visual stimulation designed to produce changes in brain patterns. The stimulation gives feedback to your brain to “teach” your brain to decrease your symptom (anxiety/inattention) and increase your goal (calm/focus). Your Neuro-Therapist will monitor your brain functioning in real time and can give you feedback on your progress.

Sessions are typically 1, 2, or 3 times a week for 20 to 45 minutes. Your specific plan will be created after your initial assessment and will be based on your current level of function and goals. The average number of sessions needed ranges from 20-40, depending on the age of the client and the severity of the condition. Unlike many other modalities, the effects of neurofeedback are long lasting. There are little to no side-affects, and most who participate report that the training is fun and feels good. 


Slowing down ADHD

increasing focus 

Over 40 years of neuro scientific research has shown that neuro biofeedback is an effective tool in decreasing ADHD symptoms. In 2013 the website of the American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed Neuro biofeedback as a tier one treatment, the same tier as medication and play therapy. Studies conclude that Neuro Biofeedback can improve attentiveness, improve impulse control, decrease hyperactivity, raise intelligence scores, and improve academic performance. At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling we can use neuro biofeedback to treat ADHD for children 6+.

At JCAC we can create a collaborative approach to treating ADHD by providing play therapy, tutoring, and neuro biofeedback services together- or in any combination. Neuro Biofeedback works to balance brain function. Play therapy can assist children in behavioral changes and emotional regulation. While Tutoring teaches a child classroom strategies, organization, focus skills, and give IEP support to parents. When you call, we can help you decide which services will serve your child best.

Outside of the clinical symptoms of ADHD (hyperactivity, difficulty paying attention), children with ADHD can struggle with symptoms of poor self-esteem, give up attitude, defeated feelings, and poor relationships with peers and parents. Combining services can help address those struggles holistically. Click to learn more about Tutoring Services, and play therapy.


Depression & Anxiety

find yourself again

You do not have to struggle with the debilitating symptoms of anxiety or depression anymore. Neuro Biofeedback has been proven to effectively decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety allowing you to be yourself again. Neuro Biofeedback is  a chemical & medication free option for depression and anxiety. Neuro Biofeedback is the solution if you have already tried medication or do not want to use medication to treat your symptoms. 


At JCAC we also offer individual counseling services to assist in the treatment of depression and anxiety. We can create a holistic approach by combining Neuro Biofeedback and counseling services. Your counselor and neuro biofeedback specialist will work collaboratively to combat your depression and anxiety symptoms. 

Individual Counseling

combat Ptsd

regain control over triggers

Neuro Biofeedback has been successfully used to help decrease PTSD symptoms allowing you to process and find peace from traumatic events. When a traumatic event occurs, it re-wires how your brain reacts to stress- even the smallest stressor. Neuro Biofeedback works to rebalance your brain's response to stress, therefore increasing your control over your symptoms. 

Neuro biofeedback has successfully helped our veterans as the come home. Due to it's positive results, it is offered at VA hospitals. If the VA is too far away or you are not able to sign up for services in a timely manner, we can offer cost effective- life changing neurotherapy services along with counseling services. To learn more about Neurotherapy see the video below, and to learn more about veterans services please click the link below. Accepting BCBS and Tricare

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