Neuro Biofeedback

Holisic Approach to ADHD

Research has demonstrated positive results that neuro biofeedback, or neurotherapy, as an effective intervention for ADHD. Studies conclude that Neuro Biofeedback can improve attentiveness, improve impulse control, decrease hyperactivity, raise intelligence scores, and improve academic performance. At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling we can use neuro biofeedback to treat ADHD for children 6+.

At JCAC we create a holistic approach by providing play therapy, tutoring, and neuro biofeedback services together- or in any combination. Neuro Biofeedback can act like medication to balance brain function. Play therapy can assist children in behavioral changes and emotional regulation. Often, children with ADHD will have the primary symptoms of distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Neuro Bio feedback can address these symptoms and play therapy can help the child practice new behaviors and thought patterns as the brain re-balances.

Play therapy can also address the secondary symptoms of ADHD that result from the redirection, consequences, and the struggle pay attention. This results in secondary symptoms of poor self-esteem, give up attitude, defeated feelings, and poor relationships. In addition, JCAC offers tutoring with a certified teacher with years of experience working with children with ADHD. Tutoring services can create classroom strategies, teach focus skills, and give IEP support to parents. All three services can be combined in any fashion to meet the need of your child with ADHD.  Click Here to learn more about Tutoring Services, and click here to learn more about play therapy.


Brain Training

what is Neuro biofeedback?

Neuro- Biofeedback is a brain training therapy that can improve the brain's performance. It can be a replacement to medication or help when medication is not working for depression, anxiety, or ADHD in children. Neuro Biofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. It is approved by the American Psychological Association in the treatment of mental illness, trauma, or organic brain disorders.

At Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling, we offer brain mapping (assessment) and ongoing neuro-feedback services by a highly trained specialist working toward board certification. We can observe the brain in action from moment to moment and show that information back to you. During treatment, the therapy rewards the brain for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. This is a gradual learning process and it applies to any aspect of brain function that we can measure.  Neurofeedback is training in self-regulation which is a necessary part of good brain function. Self-regulation training allows the system (the central nervous system) to function better. 

Find relief from:

Neuro Biofeedback can work for the whole family! Children 6+ and adults. It can improve symptoms of:

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Trauma & PTSD

• TBIs


• Emotional problems in children

• Various sleep disorders

• Headaches and migraines

• PMS and emotional disturbances

• Seizures

• Autism spectrum

• Cerebral palsy

Success with Veterans

Neuro Biofeedback has been successfully used to help our veterans as the come home. It helps with PTSD symptoms and traumatic brain injuries. Due to it's positive results, it is offered at VA hospitals. If the VA is too far away or you are not able to sign up for services in a timely manner, we can offer cost effective- life changing neurotherapy services along with counseling services from a counselor that is also a veteran. To learn more about Neurotherapy see the video below, and to learn more about veterans services please click the link below. Accepting BCBS and Tricare

How does NeuroFeedback work?

Treatment will start with an assessment or "brain map." You will sit in front of a TV with electrodes on your skull that will measure what is overactive or underactive in the brain. The therapist will show you your brain map and discuss the meaning of the finding.

Ongoing services include audio and visual stimulation that produces changes in brain patterns to improve he ability to think, feel, function physically, and act in ways they want. Sessions are typically 1, 2, or 3 times a week for 20 to 45 minutes and may require 20-40 sessions depending on the age of the client and the severity of the condition. There are little to no side affects, and most who participate report that the training feels good.

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